In 1917, a Chicago businessman named Melvin Jones, asked a small group of fellow business people to form an organization to help those in need, feeling that a larger group of individuals could do more than he could do as one individual. He called the organization the Lions Club.


From Melvin Jones, one individual wanting to help those in need, “Lionism” has grown from community to community, state to state and country to country.

Today, Lions Club International is the world’s largest service club organization – a network of over 1.4 million men and women in approximately 48,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world.




Members (17)    Member Since    Resides In           Officers & Life Members

Cathy Boulais                 1994               So Windsor            President

Jim Boulais                     2009               So Windsor            Treasurer

Ray Boynton                  1967               East Windsor          Life Member, BOD

Jim Chase                       2012              East Windsor

Derek Lussier                 2020              Sturbridge, MA            

Ann Mazur                     1995               East Windsor         

Joe Mazur                      2000               East Windsor         

Peter Nevers                  1979               Broad Brook           Life Member

Julia Pratt                        2016               Broad Brook  

Holly Samociuk               2016               Broad Brook

Tom Sargent                   1974               Broad Brook           Life Member

Barbara Sherman           1998               Broad Brook           Recording Secretary

Dick Sherman                 1998               Broad Brook          

Dee Stathers                  1991               Broad Brook          

Dave Stathers                  2019              Windsor Locks           

Jill Turner                         2018              Broad Brook           Reporting Secretary

Peter Vamvilis                  2020                 Ellington